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Accelerate the energy transition

Accelerate the energy transition

Grid services, simplified

How we help
our partners

Amplify sustainable impact

Help speed the transition to a

more sustainable power system.

hidden revenue

Generate new recurring revenue

from your energy assets.

Improve customer engagement

Strengthen customer relationships through new value streams.

The Leap difference

Leap sets you up for success

Providing unmatched expertise

Our experts across energy market operations, policy, and partner growth services are dedicated to making it simple for you to tap into the power of your energy assets.

customer engagement

We provide enrollment campaign support and domain expertise on how to most effectively market grid services offerings to your end customers.

Cutting through complexity

We do all the heavy lifting to navigate the technological, regulatory and operational requirements for you to participate across different programs and markets at scale.

No risk
or upfront fees

We only get paid when your meters start earning grid revenues for you - no risk to get started. And, our analytics enables us to price risk per load type and market.

Behind the scenes,
by design

Leap's white-label model enables our partners to offer grid services programs under their own brand and fully own their end customer relationships.

Comprehensive developer tools

Our developer tools offer clear documentation and API reference code designed to speed up and simplify the integration process.

Our partners

Transforming energy, together

Why Leap?

What our
partners say

"There’s a big learning curve on how to maximize the positive impact we can have on the grid. Working with Leap, we can gain two years’ worth of knowledge about demand response in six months."

Casey Donahue

Founder & CEO

"As an experienced market participant in several wholesale energy markets, partnering with Leap has helped EnergyHub expand and accelerate our capability to monetize demand response and distributed energy resources in new markets."

Erika Diamond

Head of Customer Solutions

"Leap was willing to take innovative steps that more established entities weren't. We found a partner we had synergies with, and with whom we could grow and change the energy world."

Marc Trahand

Executive VP, Marketing

Discover your
energy potential

Discover your
energy potential

We provide the fastest path to unlocking new value from distributed energy resources.

We provide the fastest path to unlocking new value from distributed energy resources.