Case study

Leap boosts grid services performance by over 200% for solar+storage provider

Case study

Leap boosts grid services performance by over 200% for solar+storage provider

Case study

Leap boosts grid services performance by over 200% for solar+storage provider

“With support from Leap’s software platform and team of energy market experts, we’ve translated data insights into strong performance results. Our partnership with Leap has helped Sunnova boost the value of our grid services offering for home battery customers in California.”

The Challenge

Sunnova, a leading provider of residential solar, battery storage and energy management technology solutions, offers grid services opportunities to enable battery customers to maximize the value of their systems. Sunnova sought to improve the performance of its portfolio of home batteries in the California energy market, address structural gaps in their meter nomination process and ultimately increase grid services revenue per customer.

The Solution

Leap’s grid services experts consulted with Sunnova to diagnose the underlying causes of various performance challenges, develop tailored solutions that worked within Sunnova’s existing resources and implement program participation strategies to ensure that Sunnova's battery systems were creating maximal value in California.

Detailed performance analytics

Leveraging the Leap platform’s analytics capabilities and API, Leap and Sunnova used meter-level performance data to flag individual battery customers that were underperforming in order to make the necessary operational adjustments to improve performance outcomes. Leap also helped establish a regular cadence for reviewing data summaries and empowered Sunnova to develop their own tools and insights based on the performance analytics available through the Leap platform. These data summaries provided actionable insights into system behavior that helped Sunnova make data-driven decisions for its residential portfolio.

Targeted dispatch, baselining and nomination strategies

Leap further worked with Sunnova to craft dispatch and baselining strategies that aligned with its portfolio performance goals. With Leap’s support, Sunnova implemented and automated a new nomination methodology based on historic load data from their existing battery fleet that allowed customized nominations to be set for each new meter based on expected performance. This innovative approach leveraged the detailed, streamlined meter-level data available through the Leap platform to drive performance and revenue growth.

Partner Highlights

Residential batteries enrolled on the Leap platform

> 200%
Performance improvement, 2023 year-over-year

10,800+ kwh

Energy generated for the grid through the Leap platform to date

Grid services value stack

Resource Adequacy (RA) Program

Day-Ahead Energy Program

Hour-Ahead Energy Program

Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP)

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