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Accelerating market entry for EV service provider

The Challenge

Optiwatt was well-positioned to participate in demand response and other grid services revenue streams by aggregating the flexible capacity of the electric vehicles (EVs) using its smart charging platform. However, navigating the complexities involved with entering energy markets can be difficult, requiring a significant overhead of time, knowledge and resources.

The Solution

Leap offered a simple, automated and scalable process for Optiwatt tap into grid services revenue streams. Leveraging Leap’s expertise on the regulations, requirements and bidding strategies of opportunities across different geographies, Optiwatt was able to quickly enter the California and Texas energy markets and optimize earnings. 

The Leap platform simplified the process of third-party integration and connecting users’ utility data, allowing customers to easily enroll their EVs in programs to support the grid.

About Optiwatt

Optiwatt is a leading provider of software that tracks electric vehicle charging, spending and savings. Its free app can automatically schedule charging during off-peak hours in order to save money for EV owners and reduce strain on the grid.


Optiwatt users by end of 2022

"There’s a big learning curve on how to maximize the positive impact we can have on the grid. Working with Leap, we can gain two years’ worth of knowledge about demand response in six months."

Casey Donahue

Founder & CEO