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Leap simplifies and scales market access for building energy solutions provider

The Challenge

GridPoint, a leading provider of energy management solutions for commercial and industrial buildings, wanted to maximize the value of the grid-interactive technologies in the buildings across its portfolio through grid services revenue opportunities. However, the complexities of connecting these technologies to energy markets and navigating the regulatory and operational requirements to participate made it difficult to take advantage of these opportunities at scale.

The Solution

Leap’s software-only solution has enabled simple, fast and scalable access to energy markets for GridPoint’s network of smart building technologies. Our universal API helps seamlessly integrate different types of devices, including HVAC systems, smart thermostats, building management systems and heat pumps. Using a single access point across all programs and markets, the Leap platform has made it easy for GridPoint to expand grid services offerings to its commercial & industrial building customers across California and Texas.

Our experts helped GridPoint stack value from multiple grid revenue opportunities while meeting the needs and goals of their end customers. GridPoint was able to experience results without disrupting their customers' day-to-day operations. Leveraging Leap’s solution, GridPoint has unlocked new revenue streams, driven greater energy bill savings for its customers and helped create a more resilient and sustainable electric grid.

Partner Profile

Capacity under management:

4,000+ kW

Sites: 300+

Energy delivered to the grid:

1,240+ MWh

Average grid event duration:

2 hrs 15 min

Office complexes

End Customers:

Major movie theater chain

Convenience retail chain

Pharmacy chain