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Julie Steury

VP of Programs and Customer Operations

"With Leap facilitating market access, Stem is optimizing our energy storage network to deliver flexibility to the grid. Using Leap, we can easily stack multiple revenue streams and deliver greater system value for our customers."

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Maximizing the value stack for battery storage customers in California

The Challenge

Managing participation in energy markets can be tedious and time-intensive for customer end users. Navigating each unique energy market’s technicalities and procurement processes make participating in these markets even more complex and resource intensive. As energy experts continually growing into new markets, Stem frequently tackles these complexities and demand response nuances in new markets.

The Solution

Stem recently partnered with Leap to support the grid and add new revenue streams for their California customers: Stem optimizes its connected energy storage network to deliver grid services and Leap facilitates wholesale energy market participation.

Together, Stem and Leap provide virtual power plants (VPPs) to improve grid reliability and sustainability in California.

Partner Profile

Capacity under management:

6,190 kW

Sites: 33

Location: California

Portfolio growth to date: 

Sites: Increased 16-fold

Capacity (kW): Increased approximately 10-fold

Annual revenue generated through Leap:

> $350,000

Estimated dollars earned from portfolio January 1 - December 31, 2022

About Stem

Stem provides clean energy solutions and services designed to maximize the economic, environmental, and resiliency value of energy assets and portfolios. Stem’s leading AI-driven enterprise software platform, Athena® enables organizations to deploy and unlock value from clean energy assets at scale. Powerful applications, including AlsoEnergy’s PowerTrack, simplify and optimize asset management and connect an ecosystem of owners, developers, assets, and markets. Stem also offers integrated partner solutions to help improve returns across energy projects, including storage, solar, and EV fleet charging.


Leap’s automated energy market access platform enables Stem to focus on its mission of accelerating battery storage adoption and grid integration for the clean, resilient energy future.

Through their work together in California, Leap and Stem help maximize the value stack of battery storage projects by unlocking new revenue from energy assets and enrolling them in grid service / resource adequacy programs. As a result of these additional revenue streams, Stem is seeing increased interest directly from California customers in grid services and wholesale market participation.

This partnership allows customers to be active contributors to California’s grid resiliency. The revenue tapped from grid service program participation trickles down to benefit Stem’s end customers as well - Stem provides direct payments or bill credits to customers for participation in the program.

Ranging from capacity to day-ahead and real-time energy programs, Stem has enhanced the value of battery storage energy assets with Leap by stacking grid service programs across meters. Capacity and energy participation can increase monthly customer savings by as much as 25%.

What’s Next

Stem is now automating key processes with Leap, including bidding and dispatching, that were previously conducted manually. This enables Stem to seamlessly dispatch more capacity across their growing number of sites in California and expand into new energy markets across the U.S.

Grid services value stack:

Capacity Program

Day-Ahead Energy Program

Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP)

Real-Time Energy Program