Case study

Test-driving new customer enrollment strategies

Case study

Test-driving new customer enrollment strategies

Case study

Test-driving new customer enrollment strategies

The Solution

Working with Leap, Optiwatt launched a Tesla sweepstakes to encourage enrollments in California and Texas. Having worked on multiple sweepstakes campaigns, Leap was able to offer Optiwatt our expertise to quickly navigate legal requirements, identify the best customer engagement methods and execute a seamless go-to-market strategy.

To promote the contest, Optiwatt leveraged multiple channels including mobile and email marketing, events and paid digital advertising. The promotion enabled Optiwatt to test new messaging strategies and offer their customers a non-traditional enrollment incentive.

The Challenge

Optiwatt was looking for new and innovative ways to engage customers in their demand response offerings. Optiwatt already had an engaged user base of electric vehicle (EV) drivers using their free smart charging app. Recognizing many of their drivers would be motivated by a chance to win a free Tesla, Optiwatt wanted to test-drive a Tesla giveaway to increase customer enrollments.

About Optiwatt

Optiwatt is a leading provider of software that tracks electric vehicle charging, spending and savings. Its free app can automatically schedule charging during off-peak hours in order to save money for EV owners and reduce strain on the grid.


meters enrolled in 5 months


increase in existing users participating in DR


more conversions the month of campaign launch vs. the previous month

“The Tesla sweepstakes gave us a new way to motivate our existing app users to enroll in our grid services offerings, and it resulted in conversions across a customer segment that was not responsive to our typical grid services marketing."

Casey Donahue

Founder & CEO

“Optiwatt’s app makes charging my EV easy, and by participating in their grid services offerings, I feel good about the positive environmental impact I’m making.”

Jeffrey, Tesla Sweepstakes Winner

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