Usage Data Authorization Terms

This End Customer Data Authorization Terms (“Authorization Terms”) allows you or the entity you represent (“you” or

your”) to exercise your right to disclose your Energy Usage Information (defined below) and certain Personal Information

(defined below) to Leapfrog Power, Inc. (“Leap”) for the purpose of providing grid services to you directly or through an

authorized partner.

These Authorization Terms are a binding legal agreement between you and Leap. Please read these Authorization Terms

carefully. By connecting and authorizing your applicable utility account, you acknowledge that you have read, understand,

agree with and accept these Authorization Terms.

1. Demand Response Provider Authorization. You authorize Leap to act as your grid services provider, or to act as your

agent to authorize a demand response provider or similar on your behalf, and perform or authorize demand response

activities and related ancillary services for the purpose of providing flexibility to the electric grid, including reducing or

increasing energy demand in response to a signal or pricing mechanism.

2. Prohibited Resources. You must not use any distributed generation technology using diesel, natural gas, gasoline,

propane, or liquefied petroleum gas (collectively, “Prohibited Resources”) to reduce load during any demand response

activity or event. You acknowledge and assent that you do not have any Prohibited Resources on-site at your residence

and will not use any Prohibited Resources in the event you introduce or bring Prohibited Resources on-site in the future.

If you introduce or bring Prohibited Resources on-site at your residence, Leap reserves the right to disconnect your Leap

account and access to any demand services provided by Leap or a demand response provider authorized in accordance

with these Authorization Terms. If you are a non-residential customer (either an individual or entity), you must complete

and sign a customer attestation form.

3. End Customer Data Collection and Use.

i. You authorize Leap to collect any usage or consumption data obtained through your utility’s metering infrastructure,

which includes energy meters and related systems, (“Energy Usage Data”), which may be associated with any information

that can reasonably be used to identify you, your family, household residence, or non-residential customer, such as your first

and last name, address, email address and account information (“Personal Information”) and other non-personal information,

such as rate schedules, from the applicable utility for the purposes listed in Section 3.iii. Energy Usage Data and Personal

Information are collectively referred to as “End Customer Data.

ii. You authorize Leap to act as your agent to automatically revoke the transmission of End Customer Data from your

utility to Leap on your behalf upon your disenrollment from the demand response service or program.

iii. Leap will use End Customer Data for a variety of purposes including the following:

To provide demand response, generation, and/or grid services;

. ● To build data models to administer and improve demand response, generation and grid services;

To send information including confirmations, alerts and support and administrative messages;

To respond to and resolve invoicing or billing disputes; and

To communicate with you through email or any other medium that you have authorized to provide you with

information, updates and marketing about Leap and our services.

iv. Leap may aggregate your Energy Usage Data with that of other end customers in various formats so your Energy

Usage Data becomes anonymous and cannot personally identify you. Leap uses this information for various analysis,

reporting and program management purposes. This aggregated information is not considered Energy Usage Data or

Personal Information and may be shared with third parties Leap does business with.

4. Sharing Your End Customer Data. Leap will not rent, sell or share your End Customer Data with other people or

non-affiliated third parties, except with your consent or as necessary to provide grid services as authorized by you in

these Authorized Terms. Leap may provide limited access to some of your End Customer Data to the following types of

third parties:

Authorized Partners for Demand Services Programs. Leap is engaged by and collaborates closely with various

utilities, demand response services aggregators, and other partners to provide demand response services to end


Service Providers. Leap works with a wide range of third party providers, notably database administrators, cloud

computing services, advertising services, data analysts, application service providers, connected home service

and device providers, and other non-governmental organizations. Leap does not authorize these service

providers to use or disclose your End Customer Data, except in connection with providing their services or for

the purpose of assisting Leap to provide services to you.