Texas Usage Data Authorization Terms

This End Customer Data Authorization Terms (“Authorization Terms”) allows you or the entity you represent (“you” or

your”) to exercise your right to disclose your Energy Usage Information (defined below) and certain Personal Information (defined below) to Leapfrog Power, Inc. (“Leap”) for the purpose of providing grid services to you directly or through an authorized partner.

These Authorization Terms are a binding legal agreement between you and Leap. Please read these Authorization Terms carefully. By connecting and authorizing your applicable utility account, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, agree with and accept these Authorization Terms.

1. Demand Response Provider Authorization. You authorize Leap to obtain data regarding your energy

consumption from your authorized load-serving entity and associated transmission and distribution utility

(“Utility”) to allow us to authorize your eligibility to participate in any Product market through Partner, including

but not limited to the ERS and TDU LM product markets. To enable your participation in the applicable product

market, upon our request, you shall provide us with all reasonably requested information associated with

Partner’s offering of any Product and you agree to sign and comply with any agreements and select any rate

plans that are required by the Utility. Specifically, you hereby authorize Leap’s qualified scheduling partner to

serve as your exclusive Qualified Scheduling Entity (“QSE”) for any Products transacted through markets

operated by ERCOT, including but not limited to ERS. Further, for all Utility programs for which you are eligible,

you hereby authorize Leap to complete any necessary authorizations and enrollments when Partner has

committed the participation of your resource in any TDU LM program offered by the Utility.